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Life is as simple as blue and green. Not only do these two colours represent water and vegetation, but they also symbolise what we as humans need to survive and thrive. Water, as we all know, is essential for our survival. Vegetation, on the other hand provides us with oxygen and all possible sources of nutrients in the form of the foods that we consume. Blue-green algae is also believed to be the most basic form of life on Earth. It is no wonder that these two colours signify life and calmness.

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Keurbooms strand, Western Cape, South Africa Appreciation comes from experiencing the extremes. We can not truly appreciate the softness of the sand if we have not experienced the pressure of the sharp rocks. In the same way we have to face difficult challenges to realise how beautiful life can be when at peace.

The essence of nature

When in doubt, I often turn to nature for answers. Many have judged me over the years for not seeking answers through prayer. Today, I smile because I know that my connection with nature is a far more intimate spiritual experience than I would ever gain from a visit to a man-made temple or church.Continue reading “The essence of nature”

The Ocean

A slave to the pull of the moon That governs the timing of its showers However, the perfect embodiment of power Because to the world it does commune The power to give life The power to destroy In it, all shapes, all colours Harmonized to the rhythm of the ocean strife Its beauty, I canContinue reading “The Ocean”

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